If you asked me 3 years ago if I loved beauty, skin care and make up I would have told you I loved it but it didn't love me. 

I wore makeup to make myself look "better" on the outside but truth is I didn't feel any better on the inside. I didn't look after my skin back then as I didn't see the point. 

You see, 3 years ago I weighed 166.4kg.

I couldn't get pregnant to my husband despite us trying on and off for years, I wore makeup to distract from how I was really feeling and my skin was always so oily and full of break outs. I wasn't healthy. 

Then in Oct 2015 I underwent Weight Loss Surgery having Gastric Sleeve done. Hands down the best thing I've ever done for myself. 

I learned to love life and because of it I started to take care and pride in my appearance more. I started trialing different skin care routines to find one that suited me, I started expoloring more with makeup on myself instead of just watching YouTube channels (Oh I still do this too  :P) and most of all I started to love and enjoy my life more. 

Then the most wonderful blessed event happened. I fell pregnant after losing 79.1 kg! 

My hair fell out, my skin went to crap, pregnancy and child birth was hard on my body. But it was all so worth it. 

Then I discovered Nu Skin. No harsh chemicals, No animal testing. Just science and results! 

After using the products myself I'm amazed and how well my skin has bounced back to pre pregnancy and how fast it's happened! 

We should all be allowing ourselves to indulge to treat our bodies to the love and care it deserves, after all we only have one body, one outer shell, one soul until the end... why not nurture it! 

Follow my journey here : >  Sleeve2fit 

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