Shop Policies


As soon as we have received your order and payment we will obtain the products directly from the supplier. This usually takes 2-4 Business days. 

Once we receive the order, it will be packed and shipped to your nominated address via your nominated postage choice within 1 business day of receiving the goods.


Refunds and Replacements

If you have an issue with your product please contact us to discuss the issue and see what we can do to fix it.

You must make contact with us within 14 days of receiving your goods in order to discuss refunds or product replacement as per the supplier's policy on Refunds and exchanges has time restrictions. 

If you make contact outside of these timeframes we will discuss the issue and make a decision based on the situation as a case by as we may not be able to access refunds or replacements from the supplier without incurring out of pocket expenses.

All refunds and replacements must result in the original product being returned to the supplier as per their policy.